Lara Croft, the gun toting female heroine of game and film, is back. This time she’s cast in more realistic female form than previous incarnations. “A good thing” I thought passing the time as I studied the billboard waiting on the Bakerloo line platform.

The billboard shows Lara close up and side on, left arm outstretched, fingers gripping a bow, right hand fully pulled back on the bowstring - arrow primed. The tautness of the muscles and the fix of the gaze grab your attention. Lara is ready and she means to show it. The observer is left in no doubt of Lara’s intention and focus. In that moment Lara projects a single-minded determination to achieve what must be done.

 Pondering this, as I waited for my train, I considered two things:

  • How do we create within ourselves the conviction of what must be done and commit to the mind set to achieve it?
  • Having set our minds to a goal how do we convey this resolution of purpose to others?

Why is this important? Because together they create a powerful message. I’m not talking about machismo, that is for boys pretending to be men. I’m talking about being congruent, aligned and utterly set on achieving your outcome in a way undeniable to those around you. When it happens you leave others in no doubt that you mean business. That is powerful, infectious and 100% influential.

So what does it take? I’ll talk about that next week.

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