First product launch, first blog entry. After several months of testing and refinement our guide to creating high performing teams is ready. We call it The Performance Pack. It's a pack that contains a guide and templates, scripts and examples to help you implement a process which will align your team and make performance reviews effective and productive. Its a practical guide that helps you do it, not just read about it. Today is soft launch. And just for fun we are giving away FREE copies - just to celebrate. Interested?
The Performance Pack is the first of our products. I wanted to make something practical that new managers could use to help them do the right thing, right from the start. I know it works because its a technique that I use. It would have been great to have known about it at the start of my career. That's why its the start of our basics collection. Foundation tools for managers to get the basics right - that's our goal.

Besides our products we'll be pointing to other useful resources for new managers. We'll select only the good basic stuff. The things that every managers should know starting out. Sometimes we'll point to more advanced stuff for those who are ready to move on. And we hope you do. Our aim is for you to nail the basics and move on to more advanced sites. 

So about those FREE copies. All we ask is you share a few thoughts to help us develop future guides. Once you've completed our small five question survey we'll send you a discount code for the full value. Click here to get started. Please tell your friends and colleagues. But hurry, we can't celebrate for ever.

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