Last week I wrote about an image of Lara Croft (from Tomb Raider) which projected determination and focus. So what does it take to create this in yourself?

To have conviction you must know 100% what needs to be done AND why the outcome matters. But here’s the catch. It must matter to you. If it doesn’t then others will notice. If its not aligned to your core values then you won’t generate that infectious belief which connects and influences those around you.

As humans we have a complex set of (cheat detecting) internal processing mechanisms which evolved over thousands of years; knowing who to trust was vital for personal survival. Whist “not believing” may be a long way from “cheating” these finely tuned mechanisms unconsciously detect lapses in congruency. Given that content comprises less than 10% of face-to-face communication its not surprising our internal processes correlate words with visual and tonal signals. These non-verbal clues give away our internal thoughts and feels.

So what to do?

Start by getting to know what needs to be done (and why) by questioning everything. Step back and figure out what’s going to make the difference. Be ruthless to understand it’s value. Listen hard to understand its impact. What will it achieve, why is it needed, what would happen if it wasn’t done? What order does it need to be done in?

You understand it, but do you believe in it?

What happens if we logically understand the task but its not aligned to our values? Try reframing to find a different angle on the same subject. Find the angle that achieves the required outcome and aligns to your values. Reframing allows you to create a different view,  a different persecutive and a different mind set.

When we truly understand our objective and the outcome is aligned to internal values we have the opportunity to act with conviction. Having conviction shapes our words, our body language, our tone and how we react when questioned and challenged. When we are congruent we are powerful and, Like Lara, we may radiate determination and focus.

You have a choice. Do it with conviction, do it without conviction, don’t do it at all. Make it your choice and accept the implications.