Browse the shelves of any manager and you'll likely find at least one volume dedicated to the sticky subject of time management. Unloved and dusty, chances are this book was read once but never used. The promised techniques failing to light the fire of action because they are too long, too complicated or too plain dull to put into action. What to do? Enter stage left ... the ticking tomato, or to use its proper name The Pomodoro Technique. The way you'll work will change ... forever!

First product launch, first blog entry. After several months of testing and refinement our guide to creating high performing teams is ready. We call it The Performance Pack. It's a pack that contains a guide and templates, scripts and examples to help you implement a process which will align your team and make performance reviews effective and productive. Its a practical guide that helps you do it, not just read about it. Today is soft launch. And just for fun we are giving away FREE copies - just to celebrate. Interested?